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Deca Only for Testosterone Replacement

This is absolutely back in the news and craze once again as it cycles through this it seems over decades. Let’s review an amazing case study of a man who’s been living on Nandrolone Decanoate for 20 years and feels well. We will talk about this as a case study report and I will talk about the labs and his case presentation. I will also use some evidence-based support in an article that I’ll present and of course I will tie this together with my anecdotal histories as I’ve been caring for men on steroids for a very long time. At this point, I’ve seen thousands of men on anabolic steroids.

Let’s start right off and looking at what Deca-Durabolin is

Nandrolone Decanoate is a Nor-19 derived anabolic androgenic steroid with increased anabolic properties versus testosterone and theoretically lower androgenic properties. Now, this is secondary to the nature of this drug to be converted by 5-alpha reductase to a lesser androgenic substance called dihydro nandrolone versus DHT. And when we look at this, this weeker androgen dihydro nandrolone versus DHT we have to look at it and different tissue sites, and this was looked at the scalp for an example and also on the prostate. This is really the science of this and that people are really interested in and also the literature. Now in skeletal muscle, there is no 5-alpha reductase enzyme so this steroid is more anabolic and its effects in skeletal muscle or maintained because this absence of 5-alpha reductase is not there so we don’t have the lower androgen that is there. So it’s anabolic in skeletal muscle.

The article that I present and use is incredible. Beyond testosterone cypionate: the evidence behind the use of Nandrolone in male health and wellness. This is presented on February 29th 2016 by translational andrology and urology Michael M. Pan and Dr. Jason R. Kovac out of Baylor College of Medicine and also men’s health center urology of Indiana in America. So this is a very interesting report where they talk about Nandrolone and these aspects how it’s anabolic in skeletal muscle and less androgenic so for men, this is relating to TRT and Wellness and men in preparations looking at compared to TRT is it going to be better less male pattern balding less acne and fewer effects on the prostate. Interesting that they don’t discuss the cardiovascular aspects that are going to be still out there at bay and always a consideration and of course they do talk about the shutdown of the hypothalamus pituitary-gonadal axis.

Now with that said and presented and would like to present my case for a man who is a 37-year-old man who started steroids when he was 13 to 14 years old and subsequently in years ahead he’s been living on steroids for over 20 years. He comes to me living on Deca only at the dosage of 300 mg a week and he alternates that months in and months out with alkaloids. He is also utilizing human growth hormones but the amazing feature of this is he has a great libido and he feels well. He had some issues with polycythemia and fertility. Now let’s look at his labs. This is absolutely incredible. This man comes in and on 300 mg a week of Nandrolone Deca and his LH and FSH and his gonadotropins in his brain are completely shut down. They are unmeasurable LH and FSH. So the brain is completely suppressed. His testosterone total level is 3.9 liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy. This is LabCorp. This is in nanograms per deciliter 3.9. It’s the lowest I think I’ve ever seen in my life. The range everyone knows is about 300 up to 1000. And he’s 3.9. His free testosterone is 47.9. This is mg per ml. The scale is about 8.7 to 25. His testosterone total is very low but his free testosterone is actually super physiologic. Let’s keep going and we’ll discuss this.

His ultra-sensitive estradiol is low at 6.0. The range is 8 to 45 mg per ml. We would expect this Nandrolone Decanoate is not androgenic. His Sex Hormone Binding Globulin which is very relevant and important for a man is very low at 5.1. The range here is 55.9 to 60.5 nanomoles per liter. So he has no total testosterone close to zero. Steroids push down SHBG and it’s very low therefore liberating free testosterone. Indeed his free testosterone is very high here and he feels well. And he’s just on Decanoate.


Prolactin could be its past progesterone activities and metabolites which in the chain can end up leading to an increase in prolactin indirectly and directly. So prolactin levels I checked normal 9.8 nm per liter. The range here is 4 to 15. His prostate-specific antigen for his health is very low at 0.5.

He’s been able to maintain fertility at great cost with a urologist that helped him with agents and Clomid and HMG and HCG and it worked but it was very difficult for him. He had a tough time regaining fertility but in the end, the HMG did work and it took a while.

So this was my case. Now let’s talk about it. This man feels well he’s been living on Nandrolone Decanoate. Of course, he alternates Equipoise which could be a whole other discussion. He’s not on any other steroids except for Growth Hormone which is not a steroid, not an androgen so we have to leave that out.

Deca-Durabolin is classically been known for decades to be used as a popular steroid mainly with other steroids. I understand there are people in the world and bodybuilders way back then and even back today that use Deca only and there so much arguing for the mechanisms. How does it work Deca-Dick? Does it cos erectile dysfunction? No one gonna argues because of the DHN conversion lesser than DHT and the susceptible target tissue, the hair and the prostate, the skin that is going to better effect versus testosterone. It is interesting for the heart long-term what will happen but we’re going to leave that out.

Deca Cycle Only

Deca Durabolin definitely suppresses the hypothalamus pituitary-gonadal axis and we’re seeing it here but somehow some metabolites converting directly to free testosterone. The progesterone activity and the sequential metabolites that are metabolized and chemically broken down in this man’s body without questions are providing him super physiologic free testosterone and he feels well. This is the support for Deca only cycles and Deca only supports men that are using it in the world and feel well. Some men can clearly live on Nandrolone Decanoate. Of course, this is not my medical advice, please see your physician.

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    Very interesting article. Who’s that doc who wrote it? Never thought of using Deca on TRT. Maybe I should try. Deca from Genesis did even more than I expected. Tremendous strength gains. Very good quality product.

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