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Masteron – Drostanolone Propionate

A little bit of background
Masteron was first created to help women in advanced stages with breast cancer. They were given like 100 mg 3 times a week which is a crazy high dose for side effects but that’s what it was used as back in the old days like over 50 years ago. It comes in two esters. As a propionate and enanthate ester. Drostanolone Propionate ester is short with around two days a half-life thing. And enanthate ester has a longer half-life like 7 to 10 days. So obviously, you have to inject the Drostanolone Propionate quicker than Enanthate.

The estrogenic effects

There are no estrogenic effects. So that means there is no gyno which is almost every guy’s worst nightmare. The men worried more about the gyno than they do about cholesterol, liver, all the over problems. You know even though you’re not gonna die from gynecomastia men don’t like it. So no bloat from Masteron, no water retention. All that you are gaining on this stuff are pure muscle, which makes it awesome if you don’t want to look like an offseason pile of mush type of bodybuilder with the puffy moon face.

Androgenic Effects

This is what makes women turning to men when they use it. The androgenic effects of Masteron are moderate. So about half as much as testosterone. Just because it’s half it doesn’t mean it’s safe. It is going to turn women into men slowly over time. So you know, if you only use it for a week maybe you’ll get one percent turning to men. You do a bikini show and you win. No problem. Next year you’re starting to get more and more changes. Before you know it you will switch in the figure. Before you will know it you will switch in a woman’s physique. Before you will know if you are shaving your beard. That will happen with Drostanolone if you are a woman and you using it.

Anabolic Effect

So I’m gonna call that how much muscle is actually built. It’s gonna build about two-thirds that of testosterone. So if you were to take 400 mg of testosterone you would need to take about 600 mg of Masteron to build the same amount of muscle at the same amount of time. I’m talking about lean, pure muscle mass. Not just bloat water. So you need to dose it higher to get the same results. All right.

What about balding? Yes, it’s gonna make you go bald if you already have the gene for male pattern baldness so if you don’t it’s not gonna matter but those who do it’s like yeah you’re screwed. If you already have male pattern baldness just don’t use any steroids at all. Just don’t use anything. It’s not worth the risk if you care about your hair. Don’t use Sarms either. You’re not really supposed to use this stuff without the doctor anyway so just don’t do it in other words.

I don’t care about balding anyway and half the people shave in the movies and basketball shave it’s cool. So if you’re balding shave it off and if you want to have big muscles then don’t worry about your hair.

Is it suppressive?

It is very suppressive by that I mean if you take Masteron you’re gonna get shut down. I don’t care if you had high levels of testosterone and you produce 1000 naturally. You start taking Masteron and it’s gonna go down to almost nothing. Then even with the PCT, it’s gonna take a long time to come back. And the thing is with PCT the people think well, I’m on a PCT so I’m gonna bounce right back. Like 4 to 8 weeks and I’ll go back to my cycle. It takes like 6 weeks before even you go off your cycle before even you start feeling like crap. And no one starts a PCT six weeks after they come on. So your PCT is not even ended before you’re starting to feel like shit. Post Cycle Therapy doesn’t bring your testosterone levels back to normal range. It basically brings it from being rock-bottom horrible to not so horrible. It’s going to take 3 to 6 months for most people to bounce back to their old selves. So in that time if you use steroids and you cycle off expect lower sex drive, lower energy levels, lower strength, and a decrease in muscle mass. Just expect to feel like shit compared to feeling like Superman while on them. Don’t use steroids if you think you’re gonna always feel amazing that is where users become addicted. Not in the physiological or mental need of it. You feel like shit after you stop and then see kind of missed that: “Oh I felt so great”, and you want to get back there. It’s just you need it to feel as good as you did in the past. So, you definitely must use a PCT. And if you are on Masteron and you are only using Masteron, you should use some testosterone as well. Even just 100 mg a week. Just to keep that baseline normal.


No liver-damaging whatsoever. So it’s not gonna screw up your liver. So don’t worry about that. At least one good thing.


HDL that’s good cholesterol goes down. LDL bad cholesterol it’s gonna go up. So your ratio of good to bad cholesterol is gonna be skewed out of normal, out of whack again. So if you are a person suffering from cholesterol problems and then you add in Masteron you are gonna get worse cholesterol problems which will eventually protect perhaps a heart attack, a stroke, aneurysms, thrombus. Lots of problems overall.

What can you do to kind of prevent this if you are using it anyway or even steroids in general?

You need your cardio to be fit. You need to do cardiovascular exercise. It’s like when you bring your heart rate up and make it work. The heart is a muscle just like your biceps. You need to work it out. The more cardio you do, the harder, the more in shape you get the more you can handle steroids. And the more likely you will survive a heart attack. So be fit. Don’t just be a couch potato fat ass and then take steroids and then think you’re all good and healthy. You are not. You are better of being a marathon runner then you will have a more way chance of surviving the heart attack.

Also with diet. Omega-3 fatty acids are very important. You should also eat a lot of fiber and low-calorie dense foods. And try to avoid as many saturated fats as you can. It’s not good for your health, so avoid it.

Blood pressure zero concern. You are not holding water. Drostanolone will not gonna make you puffed out. Those kinds of drugs, steroids that increase your blood pressure. So at least Masteron not gonna lead to high blood pressure. So that’s a good thing about it. And your kidneys probably not a big issue. Make sure you get tested to see. Always get your blood work done and tell to your doctor to make sure that things are going smoothly. The reason for blood work is to say well if you like that one and whatever amount of percent people that are sensitive to steroids and it’s damaging your health at least you will know and you can decide. “It’s not worth it for me I want to live. I like life or I don’t give it a look I just want to be huge and jacked and ripped. I’m gonna do it and I’m gonna die at 40 and I don’t care.” It’s up to you it’s your choice but at least you know, be informed.

How’s Masteron gonna make you feel pretty damn good. Not something to complain or worry about as Trenbolone would be or Halotestin or some of these others ones gear which ruins your appetite and your sleep and all these things. No concerns.

So moving on what kind of goal would you have with Drostanolone? Masteron is made for cutting not for bulking. If it’s for bulking you’re just adding it in on top of what else you’re also bulking on. So if you are doing test and Deca and you throw in some Masteron. But you are not gonna do the Masteron test cycle on to bulk. It’s just not the smartest bulker and bulking is trying to gain the most amount of muscle. Masteron is not very strong so it’s not gonna put as much muscle and it’s expensive. So on a price, your know budget would be a dumb substance to add to the bulk. But for cutting it’s awesome, it’s the best injection you can get.

It will make a lean person look leaner. If you had a twin brother, you both had eight percent body fat, and one of you was on Masteron, he would blow the other one away even at the same muscle weight because he would look drier, leaner, harder. He will have that anti-estrogenic benefit of the Masteron so there are fewer estrogen effects and you have less water and bloat and just a harder physique. So if you are like under ten percent and I’m about nine so if you get to about my level and use Masteron, you gonna look much harder and more shredded. And when you get down to like five and four percent like for your bodybuilding shows. Way better look. And natural versus non-natural athlete on Masteron there is no contest, there’re looking way better. It’s not even a fair challenge. Masteron is that good!

What about Masteron dosages?

Okay. Women typically can use 50 to 100 mg per day. This is not bikini women, this is not average women. These are women who are looking to gain a lot of muscle and don’t care about side effects that much. You know as soon as you start injecting Masteron, you’re already saying: “Huh being a woman I want to look feminine but I want muscle more than that.” So 50 is probably somewhat safe low short-term but a hundred is a lot. You’re likely to get serious side effects. But if you’re injecting you probably have already used Anavar and Sarms and you want to go big or go home so that’s that kind of a dose for that level.

Men’s typical dosage is 400 mg to 700 mg. You know Drostanolone is weaker than test so if you just do like 300 mg that’s like doing 200 mg of testosterone. Like how many people are only going to do that? It’s great if you do, I’m not saying you have to do large cycles but people that use steroids want muscle mass gains and a lot of it. They are not gonna do half doses. I typically use 700 mg of Masteron in my cycles.

The half-life of Drostanolone Propionate is around 2 days. And the half-life of Drostanolone Enanthate is around a week plus. So what does that mean in terms of injections? Typically people who inject Drostanolone Propionate do so every other day and every two days. And if you think of it like has a half-life of 2 days so after 2 days of injection half of it left. So you are gonna inject by that. So on average people doing Drostanolone Propionate and not doing it often enough. It will be way better to do Masteron propionate every single day.

Positive Results

What are you gonna do with this? Masteron is a very good hardener when you’re shredded. So it’s gonna make you look leaner, harder more vascular just like your skin is like see-through and the muscles bursting through it and popping out on stage. Masteron is awesome for a cutting cycle. A typical guy with a six-pack with 12% it’s not gonna make a huge difference in how you look. Drostanolone will not gonna add a lot of muscles, there are probably better steroids for you that are cheaper. So that’s kind of the expected positive results. It’s gonna make you train harder or gain more muscle and strength just like every single steroid. I’m not gonna explain that here.

Negative Results

The only real negative result is it’s not gonna put a lot of muscle and it’s gonna stroke your blood work. It’s not healthy, it’s not safe, it’s a steroid. So you know to expect oily skin, acne, and everything that steroids do. You already know about this stuff. So expect bad stuff it’s a steroid.

If you don’t want to look puffy and bloated Masteron is the steroid for you. It’s cheaper than Primobolan which is a very comparable steroid, Primo will be the most similar. And an oral I would say Masteron is comparable to Proviron but Masteron is much stronger and you know better for adding muscle but the cosmetic effect I find similar to Proviron.

Basically, you don’t have to use Drostanolone the whole cycle. So if you’re on a 16-week cycle and you’re doing a show, you don’t need to use the first eight weeks for example when you are fat. If you just want Masteron and you want to save money you only need it really at the end like a month even. If you just use it the last month you gonna look way better. If I look at the Arnold Classic today and I see these guys and half of them suck in or out of shape but they are all way bigger than me but only a couple are leaner than I would compete at. Any of them that use Masteron would look better and they pretty much all should be using it anyway or not should be but would want to be. Okay? So these guys want to be chisels same as classic physique, these lean classes same as men’s physique, same as women’s figure, same as all the divisions. This is like one of the steroids that they would use the most. It’s like just a common one for show preparation and cutting. More so than for the average gym-goer to average gym rat. It’s not like a super common steroid that everyone uses. Drostanolone is kind of expensive but not like Primobolan expensive.


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