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Clenbuterol (known as “Clen”) is used in medicine as an effective treatment for bronchial asthma. Available in tablets and syrup.

Recently, Clenbuterol Sopharma became very popular in bodybuilding and fitness for drying effect and losing weight.

Clenbuterol is not an anabolic steroid, it belongs to the group of adrenomimetics. Consequently activates the sympathetic nervous system and lipolysis is “turned on”.

How does Clenbuterol Sopharma work?

  • As a fat burner, it’s combining in the second type of beta-receptors in muscle fat tissues and happens the synthesis of cyclic adenosymonophosphate. The next step is the activation of eximes and the further mobilization of fatty acids from cells.
  • Suppression of activity lipoprotein lipase. Fat deposition becomes impossible. There is also an increase in the secretion of thyroid hormones.
  • Sopharma Clenbuterol has an anti-catabolic effect. Clen is protecting the muscles from destruction.
  • Blocking the development of muscle atrophy.
  • Strengthening anabolic processes, increasing protein synthesis.
  • Increase strength performance.

Bulgaria Clenbuterol Effects

  • Reducing body fat percentage and “drying” the muscles.
  • Body temperature increases.
  • Increase strength and stamina.
  • Decrease appetite.
  • Enhance of mental processes.
  • Anabolic and anti-catabolic actions.
  • Almost no side effects.

Cutting cycle. How to take Clenbuterol Sopharma 0.02mg tablets:

  • For men – 120-140 mcg of clen daily.
  • For women – 80-100 mcg of clen daily

How to cycle

Take Bulgaria Clenbuterol for two weeks. Then make a pause for 2 weeks, using ketotifen

Side effects of Clenbuterol Sopharma 0.02mg tablets

  • Increased heartbeat – can be avoided by using the drugs containing beta-1-blockers.
  • Tremor – can be avoided with ketotifen, stops after a couple of days from the beginning of the admission.
  • Increased sweating – can be avoided by using ketotifen.
  • Insomnia – can be avoided by using ketotifen.
  • Increased anxiety – can be avoided by using ketotifen.
  • Increased blood pressure – can be avoided by using the drugs containing beta-1-blockers.
  • Diarrhea – only at the beginning of the cycle.
  • Nausea – very rare.

Almost all side effects can be avoided by taking additionally ketotifen and bisoprolol. Please note: many “side effects” disappear within a few days without taking additional drugs.

Sopharma Clenbuterol and alcohol
Experts do not recommend using these two substances together. Such a combination can lead to unpleasant side effects: nausea may appear and a heartbeat will increase. In addition, increase pressure on the heart and vessels. Most important when taking alcohol cutting effect can be minimized to zero.

Clenbuterol Bulgaria

Many drugs that are used today in fitness and bodybuilding were created for a completely different purpose. One of them is Clenbuterol, which was created for asthma treatment. Athletes often use Clen Sopharma Bulgaria to lose weight and on cutting cycles. It’s because of the well known fat-burning effect. To accelerate the process, Clen Bulgaria is often combined with ketotifen and thyroxine. If you will decide to buy clenbuterol 0.02 mg tablets, as an anabolic it will be a mistake, because it’s interacting with the nervous system, provoking lipolysis.

Buy Clenbuterol Sopharma

Clenbuterol Sopharma is very easy to buy in our online pharmacy store. There are also a few schemes on how to take it. If you don’t know which one to choose, our specialists will be happy to help you. The active substance of Clenbuterol tablets is an active beta 2 agonist, which starts the fat burning process. A whole chain of reactions begins after Clen cooperates with the receptors, and they significantly accelerate the synthesis of cyclic adenosine monophosphate.

The last activates enzymes, and they get acids from the cells of the fat depo. It is known that activating beta type receptors leads to the process that the body begins to use fat as the main source of energy. The price of Clenbuterol Sopharma is not high compared to others with a similar effect.

The drug effect on the body:

  • drying effect and decreasing body fat percentage;
  • lowering appetite;
  • anti-catabolic effect;
  • psychological activity;
  • mild anabolic effect.

Practically there are no cases of adverse reactions, and Clenbuterol Bulgaria does not cause irreparable harm to the body. That’s why clenbuterol, which you can buy in our online pharmacy, is considered as one of the most effective fat burner. Another plus is also its ability to significantly accelerate the metabolism, which is very important on the cutting cycle. And activation of lipoprotein lipase won’t allow us to accumulate fat again during admission and for some time after.

Clenbuterol Sopharma 0.02 mg tablets should be used only for a fat-burning effect. Do not expect a significant anabolic effect from its use. In order to achieve maximum effect from the cycle, you should follow a proper diet and training. The main principle of Clen work is to increase the metabolic rate and push the user’s body to use its fat as an energy source.

There is no medical drug that is free from side effects. They also present and in Sopharma Clenbuterol Bulgaria, but they are insignificant, and easily can be blocked with ketotifen. In addition, symptoms disappear by themselves in a couple of days.

However, before buying clenbuterol Sopharma, it is better to acknowledge possible negative effects. These include tremors, nausea, worry, insomnia, and sweating. You should not be afraid of such effects, cos even if they will appear it will be at the beginning of the cycle and before the end of the first week of admission will go. These side effects indicate metabolism acceleration, so their appearance can be perceived, as a signal of the drug in action.

In our online pharmacy store, you can buy clenbuterol Sopharma and get free advice from consultants with huge knowledge and experience in the use of sport pharma drugs.

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    Fast Delivery! Superb quality! thank you asngear

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    The quality is really good. And the price is also acceptable. Clen from Sopharma is the only clen that I have used so far. Don’t think will buy something else other then Sopharma.

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    Christopher Brant

    Amazing product from Bulgarian Sopharma. I love this Clenbuterol for 2 reasons. First, it’s not overdosed, comes at very convenient 0.02 mg tab and second, it’s a pharma grade. Never had an issue with low quality from asngear. Always proper stuff with good results.

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    2 best clen which I have ever tried is clen from Sopharma and clen from Balkan Pharma. Work very well with me. Lost 3kg on the cycle with Winny and test prop. All the time sweating and full of energy. From Sopharma Clenbuterol was shacking 10 days which was very unusual for me. Overall very excited about the quality that sells this source.

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