Dbol Steroid tablets

Most bodybuilders won’t recognize Methandienone today. It was very popular among muscle enthusiasts back in the 1950s. However, it is still one of the most common steroids today, but now it is known as Dianabol. It was the brand name of
the first commercially produced Methandienone for body-building purposes.

Dianabol has a powerful formula that helps users gain a significant muscle bulk within a few days of usage. This drug’s chemical structure simulates Methandrostenolone or Methandienone, which was previously banned in the general public.

What is Methandienone?

Methandienone is a popular steroid used by bodybuilders to grow their muscle mass and efficiency. Today as Dianabol, it is an essential drug regimen for bodybuilders, weight lifters, and athletes.

It is now banned for athletes as it increases their strength and power during their sports. It is not available in US Pharmacies, but it is still manufactured and used worldwide.

How it all started?

During the 1950s, Dr. Zeigler used this drug for the first time to make his athletes perform better. He adopted this medicine after seeing that their competitors, Soviet athletes, were taking testosterone steroids. Methandienone started gaining popularity because it worked well for building muscles and increasing body strength. Initially, the American weightlifters were given a limited dose of Methandienone 10 mg tablets.

Are DBol and Methandienone the same thing?

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that was intended for bodybuilding and athletic purposes. However, bodybuilders and weight lifters soon started to abuse the drug. This abuse produced drastic changes in their muscle buildup, weight
profile, and the physical appearance of athletes’ bodies. Therefore, the drug was soon banned for public usage. After that, D-Bol was introduced as an alternative to Methandienone, and it also became popular because it helped professional bodybuilders gain extraordinary muscles and overall strength. You may find a complete description of its constituents on the internet.

Now this innovative product DBol, comes with the benefits of Dianabol without the typical side effects which it had on the body of athletes. Continuous usage of the drug ensures muscle growth.

What are DBol Steroid Pills made up of?

DBol is specially formulated to deliver the benefits of Dianabol without causing any adverse side effects. Most of the constituents are derived from synthetic products to ensure the safety and health of the users. Here is the list of the active ingredients, including the nutrients and herbal derivatives used in this product’s manufacture.


Leucine is a branched-chain amino acid that is essential for muscle growth and maintenance. A generous supply of leucine in the human diet is essential to prevent muscles and bones from unnecessary degeneration. It is abundantly found in meat, dairy, legumes, beans, and soy products.

However, the amount present in various foods is not enough to fulfill weightlifters’ and athletes’ extended bodily requirements. Therefore Luciene is added to DBol to meet the needs of bodybuilders naturally.


Another essential amino acid, isoleucine, is also an essential ingredient for muscle buildup and repair. The process of muscle breakdown and repair is enhanced when the bodybuilders are going through training sessions. Therefore they require an increased supply of essential amino acids such as Isoleucine. This requirement is not fulfilled only through dietary sources. Therefore it should be taken as a nutritional supplement such as dbol. It also increases the level of
nitrogen in the body.

Tribulus Terrestris:

This is a key nutrient and ayurvedic herbal derivative extracted from a Mediterranean plant. In the human body, this ingredient increases testosterone levels and helps in muscle growth and repair. As a herbal medicine Tribulus Terrestris has a role in reducing blood sugar levels and maintaining the urinary tract’s health.

Whey Protein:

Whey protein is extracted during the processing of cheese and various other milk products. Whey protein is a natural source of protein that helps in muscle building, repair, and maintenance. Whey is readily absorbed in the human body and gives a boost of power for improved performance.


Dbol is another amino acid added to the dbol steroid formulation for muscle repair and protein synthesis. It is also linked to growth hormones, which contribute to overall bulking within few weeks.

Dianabol Dosage:

Dbol is available as pills and injections. However, most people prefer taking the pill as it is just simple. The users
may take up to 3 Dianabol tablets in a day. The recommended dosage of dbol for bodybuilders is 30 – 50 mg/day, and you
should never use more than that to avoid possible side effects.

It lasts for 5 hours in the bloodstream; therefore, small, divided doses are better tolerated than huge doses.

Anadrol and Dianabol Cycle:

By combining Anadrol and Dianabol you are using two best bulking steroids in a single cycle. You can follow this dosage:

Week Methandrostenolone Oxymetholone
1 30 mg / day 05 mg / day
2 30 mg / day 50 mg / day
3 30 mg / day 50 mg / day
4 30 mg / day 75 mg / day
5 30 mg / day 75 mg / day
6 30 mg / day 75 mg / day

The Anadrol – Dianabol cycle is the most powerful cycle which induces noticeable weight gain and increased muscle size.
However, most of this weight will drop once the cycle is stopped because both steroids retain much water.
However, these steroids can place your liver under a lot of stress. They are presented as c 17 alkylated compounds, and
therefore you must avoid them if your liver is already struggling. To prevent the liver from long-term damage, it is
essential to take the drugs in short cycles and provide enough rest to the liver to regenerate in between cycles.
Supplementing the Dianabol – Anadrol cycle with a TUDCA (Tauroursodeoxycholic acid) dose of 500 mg/day for three months
during and after cycles prevents extensive liver damage. Avoid alcohol as much as possible to prevent further strain on
the liver.

The blood pressure requires constant monitoring during the Anadrol – Dianabol cycle. Regular cardio is essential to keep
the blood pressure under control as there is great water retention in the body during this cycle.

Why is Methandienone so Popular?

It’s more than half of a century, but methandienone hasn’t lost its popularity. Let’s see what makes it an essential part
of athletes’ lifestyle.

Methandinone is a Great Bulking Agent:

Dianabol is still one of the world’s favorite steroids because it helps in building muscles very quickly. Within short
cycles comprising of just a few weeks, you can see a considerable difference in dbol before and after the body’s muscle

Methandinone increases Protein Synthesis in the Body:

It means that the dietary protein is quickly metabolized and consumed in the growth of new muscles. It also enhances
tissue repair, which is crucial as many tissues are damaged when bodybuilders do practice.

Methandinone Enhances Nitrogen Retention:

Elevated nitrogen levels maintain the anabolic state and prevent the body from coming into a catabolic state. A
catabolic state is a condition in which the body loses its muscle mass quickly due to certain reasons such as trauma,
injury, or chronic diseases.

Methandinone enhances Glycogenolysis:

It means that methandinone also makes the body utilize sugars and glucose more efficiently.

Methandinone works well with other Steroids:

You can stack methandinone with many other steroids. Adding Dianabol with your other drugs just boosts up their
efficiency in building muscles. You can use it with Sustanon, Decanoate, and Anadrol for drastic muscle mass and stamina changes.

Methandinone Side Effects:

Methandinone, when used in greater quantities, causes some very serious side effects, which can affect your health severely. Therefore weighing the pros and cons before using the drug is essential. Do you prefer your body’s physical appearance and sporting ability over your health and general wellbeing?

Methandinone is Liver Toxic:

Dbol tablets are metabolized in the liver, and they put the liver under considerable stress. It is essential to avoid
alcohol and other medicines during the Methandienone cycle. No cycle should exceed six weeks, and you should give at
least two months before starting any other steroid cycle so that the liver gets time to recover back.

Methandinone is not Good for your Heart:

Methandinone elevates the LDL or bad cholesterol level in the blood and decreases HDL levels. This LDL / HDL imbalance
leads to the deposition of fat in the arteries. Therefore it is essential to monitor blood cholesterol during dbol
cycles. Using Methandienone also increases blood pressure. You should take good care of your diet, add good fats, lean
protein, and cut down on junk. Daily cardio workouts are also helpful in maintaining the blood pressure level.

Methandinone Suppress Natural Testosterone:

Like many other steroids, Methandienone can reduce your body’s testosterone production permanently. As a consequence,
you may become dependent on supplemental testosterone for life. Lack of natural testosterone in the body will cause
fatigue, loss of muscle tissues, and excessive fat gain.

Methandinone may cause Estrogenic Side Effects:

The most common estrogenic side effects will include water retention, which consequently elevates the blood pressure
level. You can also experience gynecomastia, characterized by swelling of the breast (sometimes referred to as Man

Methandinone can also cause Androgenic Side Effects:

Androgenic side effects of methandinone include excessive hair growth on the body, hair loss, and acne.

What is the Optimum Methandienone Dosage?

The right dosage of dbol steroid pills varies for individuals and will depend on several factors.
You may take 15 – 25 mg per day, depending on your tolerance levels. But going beyond 50 mg /day is not a good idea. It
is better to take dbol pills in 2 to 3 divided doses in a day because it has a 3-5 hours half-life. The dosage also
depends on the other steroids which you are using in a cycle with Methandienone.

Hardcore bodybuilders sometimes use Methandienone injection to speed up their gains.


Your decision to use Dianabol depends on what you prioritize. Dianabol is still one of the most popular steroids in the
world. Therefore you can find it easily at a reasonable price. But popularity does not mean that it’s a safe choice. You
can also choose safer alternatives, but remember that no steroid comes without side effects.