Test Prop | Propionate | Testosterone P

Testosterone Propionate is popular because it quickly gets into work, 2 – 3 hours after the injection. Valid for 4 – 5 days. The peak of its activity falls on the first 2 days.

1 ml Testosterone Propionate usually contains 100 mg of test.

Main effects:

  • muscle growth,
  • strength growth,
  • fat burning,
  • increased libido.

Side effects: acne (acne), baldness, gynecomastia, suppression of testosterone, frequent and painful injections.

What is Propionate used for?

He established himself as the main steroid on the drying cycles. There is an erroneous opinion among athletes that it retains water worse than other testosterone esters. With proper nutrition, in comparison even with Testosterone Enanthate, the water retention will be the same. The essence of water retention lies in the amount of salt and carbohydrates consumed. That is, the more salt we eat, the more water floods us. Also, 1 gr. carbohydrates eaten by us delays in our body 4 gr. water. And steroids increase the maximum amount of water that we can hold in our muscles with a lot of carbohydrates and salt.

It is also believed that propionate burns fat better. Propionate is just an ester, and ester is needed to prolong the effect of the drug. In the case of Propionate, Testosterone is prolonged for up to 4 days, while Testosterone without esters attached to it would last only 2 hours. After which, it would be necessary to make the next injection. Therefore, it is a mistake to think that Testosterone Propionate burns fat better than the same Enanthate or Cypionate, because the active substance they have is the same – Testosterone.

The word “drying” came into use from bodybuilding, and there it is important to remove the water in front of the “scene”. Testosterone Propionate outperforms other esters before starting, as it can be easily turned off when we no longer need the extra fluid retention. That is why professional athletes are so interested in drying on Propionate and mass gain on Enanthate or other long esters.

Optimized Cycle

Testosterone Propionate is easy to optimize for any athlete’s courses, this is its versatility. Due to its rapid inclusion in the work, it is possible to start a course on it together with Testosterone Enanthate, which, being a long broadcast, will fully engage in the work only after 3 weeks. Until then, we can keep Testosterone’s background even with Propionate. And from 3 weeks turn it off and switch to a long broadcast, more convenient and cheaper.

In practice, it will look like this:

From the first day and throughout the course (8 weeks), inject 350 mg weekly of Testosterone Enanthate 1 time per week. And at the same time we put 100 mg every other day Testosterone Propionate, but only during the first two weeks, because from 3 weeks, as we have already analyzed above, Enanthate will begin to act.

It is even more effective to exit the course on Testosterone Propionate, since the long esters of Nandrolone, Boldenone or Testosterone have been acting for another month. And so as not to slow down and to progress until the last day of the course, a very good solution would be to end the course on short ester. Upon termination of which, it will be possible to start PCT on 5th day after the injection.

So practically:

Within 8 weeks we injected 350 mg. Testosterone Enanthate 1 time per week, starting from week 9, we switch to Testosterone P (without Enanthate), 100 mg every other day or every day – for maximum equalization of the background of Testosterone.

Post Cycle Therapy

During PCT, we force our body to produce endogenous testosterone again. Thus, we get rid of such an undesirable effect as testicular atrophy. The length of the testosterone course without harm to your testicles is 2 – 3 months, after which we do PCT on aromatase inhibitors and estrogens. If, for a number of reasons, recovery is delayed, and we need testicles, then gonadotropin will help. Gonadotropin is used if the course length exceeds 3 months. Or instead of PCT, you make a “bridge” at lower dosages of Testosterone, then gonadotropin will help to avoid testicular atrophy.

PCT is not only the restoration of the production of one’s own Testosterone, but also the restoration of the organs that carried an increased, above normal load. We strongly recommend that you clean and rest all the internal organs that need it, namely:

  • the heart (riboxin)
  • liver (carlsil / heptral)
  • kidneys (diuretic tea)
  • CNS (relaxation / massage).

And also reduce the training process, so as not to overload the body.