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British Dispensary Azolol 5mg

Azolol is a brand name of oral Stanozolol from Thailand Pharmaceutical company British Dispensary. Each tablet has 5 mg of the active substance of Stanozolol or Winstrol also known as Winny. British Dispensary product Azolol comes in a bottle of 400 tablets.

History of British Dispensary

British Dispensary starts its history back in 1892. The founder of the British Dispensary Company is Dr. Thomas Hayward. British Dispensary was started as a drug store. After in 1928 Dr.Luan takes the lead and expand the business internationally. In 1932 British Dispensary starts its own production of cosmetics and a bit later health care products.

Nowadays the British Dispensary group has 4 companies and is a very strong multi-national brand. It is well known for its quality products. Anyone who has ever tried products from British Dispensary can agree with that. Steroids production is only from the highest quality raw powder materials.

How to use Azolol (Winstrol)

Azolol or Oral Winstrol is Stanozolol in tablet form. Stanozolol is an old, classic steroid that is used on cutting cycles. Azolol from British Dispensary is used by any level athlete who decided to cut or to get extra strength but to stay in the same weight category. Azolol 5mg can also be used on the bulking cycle as well. It is usually done so in order to not get very bloated on the cycle and to gain muscle mass lean as possible. In the last case scenario, Winstrol is not used at high dosages. British Dispensary Azolol like any other Winstrol does not retain any water in the body. As most oral steroids Winstrol does release free testosterone. That means that the athlete can use less dosage of the main injectable steroid.

Dosages of British Dispensary Azolol

Dosages of Azolol are very different. It all depends on the athlete’s goal and previous experience with pharma products. If you are a competing athlete I don’t think you need our advice. Regular gym users take something in the range of 20mg – 50mg daily. British Dispensary Winstrol is a very powerful product so you don’t need to take a lot. As with all oral steroids, Winstrol has a short half-life. So to make your hormonal background stable and to achieve better results Azolol should be divided into equal dosages and need to be taken 2 – 3 times per day. The more often you will take more beneficial it will be for you. Some athletes take Azolol (Winstrol) at the dosage of 100 and even 150mg daily. We do not recommend doing so. The higher dosage you will take the more side effects you will get. It would be much wiser to take Winstrol and Masteron or Primobolan Depot. In such cases, your injectable steroid dosage can be 200mg – 400mg (weekly) and Azolol dosage of 25mg (daily). We do always advise not to use only oral steroids on the cycle. The main steroid always should be injectable. The best would be to plan any cycle around any testosterone ester.

Side Effects of Winstrol

Azolol has a lot of side effects. If to compare Dbol and Winstrol, the last one has more side effects. We will review only some of them which are met often. Always remember a higher dosage of Azolol you take more chances to get a full range of side effects is. Let’s go. Like any other oral steroid, Azolol is hepatotoxic. Since it’s 17 alpha-alkylated classes of drugs it’s very harmful to your liver. It’s testosterone suppressive. So PCT after cycle with Stanozolol is a must. Such side effects as hair loss and acne are also possible. But the most unpleasant and common side effect which has only Winstrol is the problems with joints. Since Stanozolol is removing water from the body it negatively affects joints. Also, you can have cramps. All this leads to fractures. So you need to be very careful.

Azolol for Sale

We offer Azolol from British Dispensary at a very low price. We are dealing directly with the manufacturers and this helps us to give you a very reasonable price. Since we don’t buy from the resellers our Azolol price can be compared to the sale price at other stores. We sell only genuine, original products. Place your first order and get a discount on the second one. With more orders and your personal discount, all the products will be for sale price.

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    Francisco Frances

    British Dispensary is a leader in quality of oral steroids. Azolol is a good example. If someone tried Dbol or Azolol from British Dispensary knows what I’m taking about. The quality of British Dispensary Winstrol is so high that max what I could take was 25 mg daily. I tried to go on the higher dosage but my joints literally started to crush plus started to have very strong cramps. Best of the best!

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